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World Vegan Day celebrations start early again this year! Don't miss the 10th West Midlands Vegan Festival on Sat 28th & Sun 29th October! World Vegan Day
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2 Venues
The Wolves Civic
Wolverhampton Art Gallery (2-3 mins walk from Civic)
Click here for map etc. Wolverhampton Civic Hall
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About Us

This event has been organised by Midlands Vegan Campaigns. We are a small group of volunteers, committed to promoting healthy, cruelty-free, eco-friendly plant based diets/lifestyles across the West Midlands region.

We promote veganism by raising awareness of the many benefits:
  • Animals are saved from imprisonment, misery and death
  • Vegans are generally healthier than non vegans. We suffer less from many diseases and we live longer
  • Adopting a plant based diet helps to reduce third world hunger & starvation!!
  • Plant based diets are eco-friendly. Animal agriculture is one of the major causes of climate change
We organise a variety of regular events to get our message across:
Many thanks to our sponsors
Moo Free Chocolate
Why Vegan?
People choose the vegan lifestyle for various reasons, including: Why Vegan? - animals, health, hunger and the planet!
Ethical Treats!
A unique, online and mobile confectionery shop, which sells all your favourite vegan goodies! It's run by volunteers, with all profits ploughed into grassroots vegan outreach, including this festival!! Lakeside Ethical Treats - sweets, chocolate & snacks in aid of vegan outreach
Event Organisers
The festival is organised by Midlands Vegan Campaigns, a small group of dedicated volunteers. About Midlands Vegan Campaigns
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