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Welcome to Vegan Midlands – your ultimate guide to living a compassionate, healthy, and eco-friendly lifestyle in the heart of the UK!

Born out of a passion for plant-based eating and a commitment to a kinder world, Vegan Midlands is a blog dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and guiding individuals who have chosen the vegan path or are curious about embracing it. We understand that every journey is unique and our mission is to provide the knowledge, resources, and community to help make your vegan journey as rewarding as possible.

Based in the diverse and vibrant region of the Midlands, our platform isn’t just about food, but about the whole vegan lifestyle. We aim to show you that vegan living is accessible, enjoyable, and ultimately, incredibly fulfilling.

Here at Vegan Midlands, you will find:

  • Delectable Recipes: From comforting home meals to gourmet creations, our recipes cater to all types of palates, culinary skills, and occasions. We believe that no one should miss out on the joy of food, and so, all our recipes are 100% vegan and utterly delicious!
  • Tips and Guides: Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just starting out, our comprehensive tips and guides cover everything you need to know – from vegan nutrition and health, navigating social situations as a vegan, to cruelty-free fashion and household products.
  • Local Highlights: As a proud Midlands blog, we take you through the vegan delights our region has to offer. We feature local vegan-friendly businesses, restaurants, and events that cater to and celebrate the vegan lifestyle.
  • Community: Above all, Vegan Midlands is a thriving community of like-minded individuals. We provide a safe, supportive, and positive space for sharing experiences, asking questions, and fostering connections.

Our commitment extends beyond just veganism – we are deeply passionate about sustainability and eco-conscious living. We strive to inspire and educate our readers about how choosing vegan can contribute significantly to environmental well-being.

Join us in our journey towards a more compassionate, healthier, and greener world. Welcome to Vegan Midlands – where plant-powered living thrives!

Katherine Clarke

Katherine Clarke

Katherine, the heart and soul of Vegan Midlands, is a passionate advocate for veganism and a seasoned expert in plant-based living. A vegan for over a decade, Katherine’s journey started with a profound love for animals and quickly evolved into a dedication to promoting a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.
After obtaining a degree in Nutritional Science from the University of Nottingham, Katherine spent several years immersing herself in the vegan food industry, working with notable plant-based brands and advocating for healthier food options in local schools. Her depth of knowledge, coupled with her own experiences transitioning to and living a vegan lifestyle, has positioned her as an authoritative voice in the vegan community.

In 2020, she took her passion online, launching Vegan Midlands to reach a broader audience and provide a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in veganism. Her mission? To simplify vegan living and make it accessible to all, while promoting kindness towards all beings and the environment.

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