how to make vegan scrambled eggs

How to Make Vegan Scrambled Eggs: Simple & Delicious Recipe

Welcome to our guide on how to make vegan scrambled eggs! If you’re looking for a healthier and cruelty-free alternative to traditional scrambled eggs, then you’re in the right place. Our recipe uses plant-based ingredients that are easy to find and create a delicious dish perfect for any breakfast or brunch.

Not only are vegan scrambled eggs lower in cholesterol, but they also align with ethical and environmental concerns. Plus, they are incredibly versatile, allowing you to add your favourite herbs and spices for added flavour.

Read on for our simple and delicious vegan scrambled eggs recipe.

Why Choose Vegan Scrambled Eggs?

Choosing to make vegan scrambled eggs is not just about following a trend, it is a conscious decision to opt for a healthier and cruelty-free breakfast option. Here are some reasons why you should consider making the switch:

  • Health benefits: Vegan scrambled eggs are typically lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than traditional scrambled eggs, making them a great choice for those looking to reduce their intake of these substances.
  • Ethical benefits: By choosing a plant-based breakfast option, you are making a small but significant contribution towards reducing animal suffering in the world.
  • Environmental benefits: The production of animal products, including eggs, is resource-intensive and has a high environmental impact. By choosing a plant-based breakfast option, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping to protect the planet.

But making vegan scrambled eggs doesn’t mean sacrificing on flavour! You can still achieve a delicious and satisfying breakfast option that is both healthy and ethical. Here are a few vegan breakfast and brunch ideas to pair with your vegan scrambled eggs:

  • Toast with avocado and tomato
  • Hash browns and vegan sausage
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Plant-based yogurt with fruit and granola

Ingredients Needed for Vegan Scrambled Eggs

To make vegan scrambled eggs, you will need the following ingredients:

Firm tofu400g
Turmeric powder1 tsp
Black salt1 tsp
Ground cumin1 tsp
Garlic powder1 tsp
Vegetable oil2 tbsp
Salt and pepperTo taste

All of these ingredients are easily found in most grocery stores and supermarkets, and if not, you can usually find them in health food stores or online.

Note: Black salt is also known as Kala Namak and can be found in most Asian and Indian stores or online.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Vegan Scrambled Eggs

Now that you have the ingredients ready, let’s get started with the recipe. Follow these simple steps to make perfect vegan scrambled eggs:

  1. Place a non-stick pan on medium heat and add the olive oil or vegan butter. Let it heat for a minute.
  2. Crack the tofu block into the pan and crumble it into small pieces using a spatula or fork.
  3. Add the turmeric, garlic powder, and nutritional yeast to the pan. Mix well until the tofu is coated with the spices and turns yellow.
  4. Add the plant milk to the pan and continue to stir until the tofu mixture becomes creamy and resembles scrambled eggs.
  5. Add salt and pepper to taste and give it a final stir.
  6. Remove the pan from heat and serve hot. Garnish with chopped herbs or vegan cheese (optional).

And there you have it! Delicious and easy vegan scrambled eggs in just a few steps. Remember to store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge to enjoy later.

Pro tip: For a creamier texture, add a tablespoon of vegan cream cheese or silken tofu to the mixture.

Serving Suggestions for Vegan Scrambled Eggs

Vegan scrambled eggs are a versatile dish that can be served in many ways. Here are some ideas to bring variety to your breakfast or brunch:

On toastServe vegan scrambled eggs on whole wheat or sourdough toast. Add some avocado, sliced tomatoes or mushrooms for extra flavour.
In a wrapFill a whole grain wrap with vegan scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, and fresh salsa for a delicious and portable breakfast.
With hash brownsPair vegan scrambled eggs with crispy hash browns for a hearty breakfast. Add some sautéed spinach or kale for extra nutrients.
In a breakfast bowlLayer vegan scrambled eggs with roasted sweet potatoes, sautéed greens, and sliced avocado for a colourful breakfast bowl. Add some hot sauce or salsa for a kick.

Experiment with your favourite spices and herbs to create your own signature vegan scrambled eggs dish. Enjoy!

Benefits of a Vegan Breakfast

Eating a vegan breakfast has a wide range of benefits for your health and well-being. Whether you’re already a committed vegan or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet, starting the day with a vegan breakfast can be a fantastic choice.

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing a vegan breakfast:

  1. Improved digestion: Many plant-based foods are rich in fibre, which can help support healthy digestion. This can help to reduce bloating, constipation and other digestive issues.
  2. Increase in energy levels: Plant-based foods are often rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which can help boost your energy levels and support overall health and well-being.
  3. Reduced risk of chronic disease: Studies have shown that those who follow a plant-based diet tend to have a lower risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer.
  4. Cruelty-free: By choosing a vegan breakfast, you can be confident that you’re not contributing to animal cruelty. Animal agriculture is a leading cause of environmental destruction and animal suffering, so by choosing plant-based options you can help protect our planet and its inhabitants.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your health, protect the planet or simply enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast, choosing a vegan breakfast can be a fantastic choice.


Here are some commonly asked questions related to making vegan scrambled eggs:

Can I use any plant-based milk?

Yes, you can use any type of plant-based milk such as almond milk, soy milk or oat milk.

Do I need to use tofu?

Yes, tofu is the main ingredient in this recipe that provides the texture and consistency of scrambled eggs. However, you can experiment with different vegan egg alternatives if you prefer.

Can I substitute nutritional yeast?

Nutritional yeast provides a cheesy flavour to vegan scrambled eggs, but you can omit it or substitute it with vegan cheese or herbs, such as chives or parsley.

Can I make these ahead of time?

Vegan scrambled eggs are best served fresh, but you can store them in the fridge for up to two days and reheat them in a pan or microwave when ready to eat.

Can I add vegetables to the recipe?

Absolutely! You can add any vegetables you like, such as mushrooms, spinach or tomatoes, to your vegan scrambled eggs for a nutritious and colourful meal.

Can children eat vegan scrambled eggs?

Yes, vegan scrambled eggs are a healthy and safe meal option for children, but you should always check for any food allergies or dietary requirements before serving.

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