What Vegan Cheese Do Dominos Use

What Vegan Cheese Do Dominos Use for Plant-Based Pizzas?

As more and more people are embracing the vegan lifestyle, it’s no surprise that popular food chains like Domino’s have taken notice. They’ve made a conscious effort to cater to this growing demand by offering plant-based alternatives on their menu. One such option is the much-loved pizza topped with vegan cheese. But what exactly is this dairy-free delight? Let’s delve into the world of Domino’s vegan cheese and find out.

Plant-Based Options At The Pizza Chain

Domino’s, a well-known pizza chain, has been expanding its plant-based options to accommodate the growing demand for vegan-friendly alternatives. One of the key components in this expansion is their use of vegan cheese as an alternative to traditional dairy-based cheeses. This allows customers who follow vegan diets or prefer plant-based food items to enjoy delicious pizzas without compromising on taste and texture.

This popular pizza chain offers a variety of vegan toppings that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Their menu includes scrumptious vegetable combinations, such as onions, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes. Additionally, they offer meatless protein options like seasoned soya mince as an alternative for those seeking more than just veggies. The introduction of these plant-based choices enables Domino’s to provide enticing meal solutions for everyone – from strict vegans to flexitarians looking to reduce their consumption of animal products.

Dairy-Free Alternatives In Pizza Toppings

Delightfully dairy-free, Domino’s Pizza offers a vegan cheese option for those seeking plant-based alternatives in their pizza toppings. This tantalising topping is made from coconut oil and soy protein, providing a convincing substitute that caters to those following a vegan diet or simply wanting to try something different. As more and more people transition into adopting a vegan lifestyle, the demand for delicious and satisfying vegan products continues to rise—making this addition quite popular among customers.

Beyond the brilliant blend of ingredients found in their vegan cheese, Domino’s also offers an array of other scrumptious selections suitable for both vegans and vegetarians alike. Vegan crusts are available at some locations, allowing diners with specific dietary preferences to fully enjoy their customised pizzas without compromising on taste. The chain has also expanded its menu with various vegetarian options, such as vegetable-packed pizzas and salads, which can be easily modified by removing non-vegan components like traditional cheeses or dressings.

A Closer Look At Ingredients

Delving deeper into the ingredients of Domino’s vegan cheese, one cannot help but appreciate their efforts to accommodate dietary restrictions and provide a tasty alternative for those who avoid dairy or animal products. This scrumptious vegan cheese is designed specifically to please customers who enjoy indulging in a savoury slice without compromising on ethics or flavour. As one of the largest pizza chains globally, it is indeed commendable that Domino’s has taken this significant step towards inclusivity by offering vegan menu items.

The emotional response evoked by considering these enticing attributes of Domino’s vegan cheese can be described as follows:

  • Relief: A sense of relief washes over vegans knowing that they don’t have to sacrifice their love for pizza due to their dietary choices.
  • Gratitude: Vegan diners are grateful to Domino’s for catering to their needs and making them feel included in mainstream dining experiences.
  • Joy: The sheer delight when biting into a warm, gooey piece of vegan pizza topped with perfectly melted cruelty-free cheese cannot be overstated.
A man's hand holding a slice of vegan pizza

It would not be an exaggeration to say that introducing such alternatives goes beyond just satisfying taste buds; it also helps create awareness about sustainable food practices, which ultimately benefit our planet. By providing delectable options like vegan cheese and other plant-based toppings, Domino’s caters to various palates while promoting eco-friendly dining habits. So go ahead, relish your next guilt-free meal from Domino’s and embrace the future where more restaurants cater equally well to diverse dietary requirements.

Now that we’ve delved into the world of deliciously melty vegan cheeses at Domino’s let us carry forward this exploration journey by discovering vegetarian and plant-based menu items available at popular restaurant chains around you!

Exploring Vegetarian And Plant-Based Menu Items

Picture yourself diving into a world of cheesy delight, where your taste buds are tantalised by aromatic flavours and your cravings for pizza are satisfied without harming our animal friends. Welcome to the realm of vegan cheese pizzas at Domino’s! As more people embrace plant-based diets, Domino’s Australia has stepped up their game with a selection of lip-smacking vegetarian pizza options featuring crust vegan cheeses that cater to both vegetarians and vegans alike.

Domino’s Australia is known to use non-dairy mozzarella from Follow Your Heart, an admirable choice for vegans seeking that authentic stretchy cheese experience on their pies. Alongside these scrumptious vegan cheese pizzas, customers can also indulge in tempting sides like the ever-popular Vegan Garlic & Herb Dip – perfect for dipping those lovely crusts after savouring the generous toppings. For those who fancy some “meaty” bites but wish to stick to plant sources, fret not; there’s a variety of tasty vegan meats available as well – transforming traditional favourites into delightful new creations.

How To Customize Your Order For A Dairy-Free Experience

Now that we’ve delved into the world of vegetarian and plant-based menu items, let’s explore how to customize your order at Domino’s for a truly dairy-free experience. It is essential to know what vegan cheese options are available and which ingredients to avoid when placing an order. While Domino’s does not offer its own brand of vegan cheeses across all locations, they have started incorporating more dairy-free cheese alternatives in select branches worldwide.

Here are some tips on customising your pizza for a delicious and satisfying dairy-free meal:

  • Choose a gluten-free crust: Although not specifically made as a vegan option, it is typically free from non-vegan ingredients.
  • Opt for the original tomato pizza sauce: This choice ensures you enjoy both flavour and adherence to your dietary preferences.
  • Say no to dairy cheese: Be sure to request no dairy cheese or replace it with one of the available vegan cheeses if offered.
  • Pick from various topping options: Load up on veggies like onions, peppers, mushrooms, olives etc., but do note that certain food chain staples such as sausage may contain animal by-products.
  • Don’t forget dessert: Some locations even provide dairy-free treats like vegan ice cream!

The key is being proactive about modifying your order according to your specific dietary needs without compromising taste or enjoyment. Keep in mind that while many chains adapt their menus towards inclusivity, cross-contamination risks persist due to shared cooking spaces; hence reiterating allergy concerns during ordering remains crucial. Additionally, always verify ingredient sourcing since formulations might differ between regions.

Having mastered the art of customisation for a delightful dairy-free experience at Domino’s Pizza, our next stop will be comparing other popular pizza chains’ plant-based offerings so you can confidently make informed choices wherever hunger strikes!

Comparing With Other Pizza Chains’ Plant-Based Offerings

Whilst Dominos has introduced vegan cheese in its menu, it’s important to consider how they fare when comparing them with other pizza chains’ plant-based offerings. As the demand for food products that cater to diverse dietary requirements and lower environmental impact surges, numerous competitors have entered this market space. It is intriguing to examine which of these establishments provide a superior experience for those seeking alternatives to real dairy cheese.

Pizza ChainVegan Cheese Offering
DominosOffers a non-dairy, soy-based vegan cheese suitable for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant.
Papa John’sProvides a UK-exclusive vegan Sheese made from coconut oil and offers various delicious toppings and sauces.

As evident by the table above, Papa John’s has launched its line of unique vegan cheeses crafted from coconut oil called “Sheese.” This not only caters to vegans but also adds an exotic twist on traditional flavours one might associate with pizza dishes. Comparing both companies’ efforts towards adopting sustainable ingredients in their menus showcases how far-reaching the movement towards plant-based options within prominent fast-food chains has become.


In conclusion, it’s fascinating to know that Domino’s has embraced the growing demand for plant-based alternatives by offering vegan cheese options. As customers continue to explore these dairy-free choices, they’re sure to have an impact on the future of pizza toppings and flavours.

We hope you find this information helpful in your quest for delectable vegan cheese at Domino’s. Remember, around 3% of Brits are now identifying as vegans – so let’s keep supporting businesses like Domino’s that cater to our dietary preferences!

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