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Veg*n Climate March in London

On Saturday 8th October 2007, MVC members travelled to London to take part in a march billed as "the biggest ever mobilisation of vegetarians & vegans on environmental grounds."

Environmentalists from across the UK descended on London to take part in the National Climate March, which was part of a Global Day of Action. Organisers urged anyone who cared about the planet to "Join people all around the world to demand that world leaders act now to prevent the catastrophe that threatens to engulf us all."

Over recent years, increasing numbers of organisations and scientific research papers have exposed animal agriculture as one of the main causes of climate change. Livestock`s Long Shadow, a report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (Nov 2006) contained the following shocking quote.

"The livestock sector accounts for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions - more than transport, which emits 13.5%"

Despite all the evidence, most environmental campaign groups fail to acknowledge the threat to our planet posed by meat and dairy production. Events such as the annual National Climate March target the expansion of air travel, roadbuilding projects and demand that the government introduce a strong climate bill, but they overlook livestock farming.

All that changed this year thanks to the Veg*n Climate March (a veggie/vegan `block` within the main march), coordinated by the Campaign for Eco-Veg*nism(CEV), a group set up specifically to campaign for veggie/veganism from an environmental perspective.

Midlands Vegan Campaigns organised coach transport from Birmingham and Redditch, and we joined up to 100 other eco-veggie/vegan campaigners from across the UK. We never actually all met up together, we simply spread ourselves amongst the other marchers for maximum effect! Dozens of veggie/vegan banners and placards were displayed and tens of thousands of leaflets handed out, to both environmentalists and the general public.

You can read a full report with many more photos on the Indymedia website here or on CEV`s MySpace page
See also CEV`s main website

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