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MVC campaign for and promote veganism by raising awareness of the many benefits. We do this by staging a variety of events, everything from free food fairs to publicity stunts, each of which is described below. Volunteers are always required for such events, see our events page to find out what`s coming up soon.

Free Vegan Food Fairs

Kings Heath Food Fair - Nov `07 Free Vegan Food Fairs provide a great chance for anyone seeking a healthier, more ethical diet, to sample food they have perhaps never tried before. Food fairs demonstrate how delicious, appetising and diverse vegan food is. They also showcase the increasing variety of vegan options now widely available in high street shops & supermarkets. Food fairs are becoming increasingly popular across the country, and always attract hundreds of people. MVC was formed with the primary intention of staging food fairs as often as possible across the region. MVC has so far staged the following food fairs:

Kings Heath in November 2007 - click here for a full report with photos.

Lichfield in April 2008 - Full report & photos and watch a 5 minute film of the event.

See our events page to find out when & where our next food fair is taking place.

Information Stalls

Cut the Carbon Rally - Aug `07 MVC hold information stalls in order to spread awareness of the many benefits of the vegan lifestyle. These stalls are often held in busy shopping streets, such as our Christmas 2007 stalls in Birmingham, and also at special events such as healthy living open days, green fairs etc. Contact us if you would like us to hold a stall at your event.


Most people that have turned vegan will have been influenced, to some extent, by a leaflet of some sort. Distributing leaflets is one of the most effective means of promoting veganism. MVC often organise leafletting in busy town centres and also door to door in residential areas. Keep an eye on our events page for future dates.

Publicity Stunts

Foie Gras force feeding stunt - Sept `07 Publicity stunts can be an incredibly effective way of getting our message across to lots of people. Imaginative street theatre and stunts often attract attention from the local press. People that may not ordinarily approach a stall or take a leaflet, may very well stop to watch a stunt of some sort. Once we`ve grabbed their attention, we can hand them leaflets and/or engage them in conversation! In Birmingham in September 2007, literally hundreds of people stood and watched as a woman was tied to a chair and `force-fed` by a `waiter` in order to raise awareness of Selfridges sale of the diseased duck liver, foie-gras!! Click here for a report with photos.

Environmental Marches

National Climate March - Nov `07 Going vegan is one of the most effective things you can do to fight global warming and save the planet! One of the ways MVC gets this message across, is by taking part in big environmental marches. We joined the Christian Aid `Cut the Carbon` march in Birmingham (read more) and we organised coach transport to the National Climate March 2007 in London (read more).

McDonalds Protests

McDonalds Protest - Oct `07 MVC stage occasional peaceful protests/leafletting outside branches of McDonalds. In October 2007, we joined forces with Birmingham Food not Bombs, to hold a protest & free food giveaway outside McDeath in Birmingham City Centre. Click here for a report with photos.

West Midlands Vegan Festival

2008 festival banner Are you fed up of having to travel to London or Bristol to enjoy big vegan festivals?! Now you can get together with hundreds of likeminded vegans and stock up on vegan goodies right here in the West Midlands. The West Midlands Vegan Festival in Wolverhampton on World Vegan Day 2008, was such a fantastic success(see photos), so we`ve decided to stage it on an annual basis. For further details, see our festival website
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