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Xmas Stall & Leafletting

On 2 consecutive Wednesday evenings before Christmas, we held a stall & leafletted in Birmingham City Centre

Up to a dozen vegan campaigners braved the freezing temperatures to promote a healthy, cruelty-free Xmas. A stall was set up on New Street and the general public were encouraged to help themselves to our vegan guides, recipes and leaflets detailing all the reasons why animal products should be off the Xmas menu. Also on offer were free vegan chocolate bars, which helped to entice people up to the stall!! Whilst some campaigners looked after the stall, others spread across New Street and leafletted passers-by. Both evenings were very successful, hundreds of leaflets and chocolate bars were distributed!

Photo from the event Xmas leaflet stall in Birmingham






Kindly hosted by, technology for grass roots campaigners.